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Official DoveTales “Resistance” Launch Date

DoveTales Summer 2020 Issue: Resistance

Martín Espada (photo by David González)

The Summer Issue of DoveTales, An International Online Journal of the Arts will be published on August 1st, 2020. Our guest editor, Brad Wetzler, has themed this issue “Resistance.”

Resistance includes powerful work from writers all over the globe, including Anya Trofimova’s Grand Prize winning poem, “Observations Inspired by Rising Sea Levels,” and work by all our Young Writers Contest Winners.

Our featured writer for this issue of DoveTales is poet Martín Espada. Resistance includes an exclusive interview and new work from his upcoming book, Floaters. Espada will join us in our Friday Live Reading Series on July 24th at 8pm ET.

Brad Wetzler, Guest Editor

About his theme, Guest Editor Brad Wetzler says:

“History’s greatest peacemakers, such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela, have taught us that peace is never passive. Sometimes those of us who love peace must do more than be living examples of peace. We must act, do, rise up, bang the gong, take to the streets. It’s obvious that now is one of these times. By any peaceful means necessary, we must resist the backdoor decisions and cruel acts of power-mongering politicians and corporate leaders who would create suffering for the world’s citizens, especially the vulnerable and powerless. We must use our voices and vast numbers to stop the madness and bring attention back to the one thing we all share in common: our humanity.”

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