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Scott Nadelson Joins Sunday LIVE, W4P Holiday Gift Guide, & A Call for Submissions

Sunday LIVE Welcomes Scott Nadelson

On December 13, at 8pm ET, Host Brad Wetzler  welcomes memoirist and short story writer Scott Nadelson to Sunday LIVE.

Join Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82898977722

Scott Nadelson is the author of a novel, Between You and Me, a memoir, The Next Scott Nadelson: A Life in Progress, and five story collections, most recently The Fourth Corner of the World, named a Jewish Fiction Prize Honor Book by the Association of Jewish Libraries, and One of Us, winner of the G.S. Sharat Chandra Prize in Short Fiction. A recipient of the Reform Judaism Fiction Prize, the Great Lakes Colleges Association New Writers Award, and an Oregon Book Award, he teaches at Willamette University and in the Rainier Writing Workshop MFA Program at Pacific Lutheran University.

W4P Holiday Gift Guide

During the month of December, Writing for Peace is offering a 10% Discount on all our books. Buy the Complete DoveTales Set (9 beautiful timeless books) at an additional 10% off and receive a free First Amendment Tote Bag. Use the Discount Code Holiday2020 to save on your holiday shopping today!

2020 Books That Make A Powerful Statement for Peace

This 8.5 x 11 full color book is Guest Edited by Robert Kostuck (now our new Editor-In-Chief) and features poet E. Ethelbert Miller. Gardens in the Desert: Cultivating Awareness contains 224 pages of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art and photography by contributors from all over the globe. Purchase your copy now!

Give the gift of RESISTANCE, Guest Edited by Brad Wetzler, with featured Writer Martín Espada. It’s a powerful expression of our First Amendment Rights, with 380 of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art and photography by Writers for Peace in every nook and cranny on our beautiful planet.

Special Sale on Writing for Peace Apparel & Accessories

20% off until December 15th. Support Writing for Peace by giving the gift of swag! These beautiful Writing for Peace patterns celebrate our First Amendment Rights and the power or peaceful protest – on bags, T-Shirts and other quality apparel. Check out all our designs at Writing for Peace Swag!

DoveTales Call for Submissions

Reading Period Now Open: November 25th, 2020 – March 1st, 2021

Read full submission guidelines here

Theme: Letters from the Self to the World

The Encyclopedia Britannica defines the word Epistle in straightforward terms: a composition in prose or poetry written in the form of a letter to a particular person or group. It is my hope that you accept this invitation, open your heart, and write your unspoken truths. Send us a letter you never thought you’d write, you know, the one you’ve been toying with for years, or sit down and get that “thing” off your chest that can only start with a cathartic ‘Dear X’. Write to a member of your family, an old flame, a politician, a group of people. It could be a humorous rant, a thank you message, a confession, a belated indictment, a love note, or a message asking for or offering forgiveness.

Whether you write this letter to someone else or yourself (how about a letter to a younger self?), write it with your gut, throat, and knuckles; with tender wrists and beating hearts; with rage and fire and love.

In sum: Write your heart out.

Adriana Páramo is a cultural anthropologist, writer and women’s rights advocate. She is the author of Looking for Esperanza, My Mother’s Funeral, and Unsent Letters to My Mother. Her essays have appeared in multiple literary magazines and been noted in The Best American Essays for consecutive years. She teaches creative nonfiction writing in the low-residency MFA program at Fairfield University. Currently, she writes from the Middle East, where oddly enough, she works as a yoga and fitness instructor.

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Gardens In The Desert, William O’Daly Joins Sunday Live

Carmel Mawle, W4P President

November, in the U.S., is traditionally the month of gratitude. Good news has been little and far between for the last few years and it is a strange dichotomy between the suffering and sadness of separation and loss during this pandemic, and the new hope on the horizon. Science, despite all news to the contrary, seems to be winning out in the end. The assault on our First Amendment Rights has bruised but not broken us. The incoming administration is not perfect, but it does seem to be focused on the environment and correcting the unthinkable injustices endured by families seeking refuge, citizens battered and killed by the police hired to protect us all, the for-profit prison system, and a healthcare system designed to profit off the suffering and vulnerability of citizens at their mercy. The list goes on and on,  but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We hope children who have been detained for months or longer will be reunited with their families soon. New immunizations seem promising and, if not this holiday season, we also hope to be able to come together again soon. For now, we have Zoom, which has been a blessing to our international organization, bringing members together virtually to learn and grow and be inspired through our Sunday Live Readings, Hosted by Brad Wetzler.

At Writing for Peace, we truly have much to be grateful for. Last week, I shared with you the wonderful news about Robert Kostuck accepting the position of Editor-in-Chief of DoveTales. He’s already hard at work on our next DoveTales, but I know he’ll want to tell you about that himself soon. I am finishing up the last details of publishing our print copy of GARDENS IN THE DESERT: CULTIVATING AWARENESS, Winter Edition 2020, Issue II. Robert Kostuck was the Guest Editor for this beautiful book, and the amazing E. Ethelbert Miller was our featured writer. The print copy will be available for ordering on December 1st, in plenty of time for your holiday shopping.

In the meantime, be sure to order your copy of RESISTANCE, Guest Edited by Brad Wetzler, with featured Writer Martín Espada. It’s a powerful expression of our First Amendment Rights. It always  makes me so happy to send our DoveTales all over the world, but I have to say one of the highlights for me this year was mailing copies of RESISTANCE to Russia. It does my heart good to know there are Writers for Peace in every nook and cranny on our beautiful planet.

Read on to learn about William O’Daly, Host Brad Wetzler’s guest this weekend on Sunday LIVE. I hope you can join us!

Stay safe and well, and keep on writing!

William O’Daly Joins Sunday Live

This Sunday, November 22 at 8:00 pm ET, Join Host Brad Wetzler when he welcomes poet, essayist and translator William O’Daly to our weekly Sunday Live Reading.

William O’Daly has translated eight books of the late-career and posthumous poetry of Chilean Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda, and most recently Neruda’s first volume, Book of Twilight, a finalist for the 2018 Northern California Book Award in Translation. All nine Neruda translations are published by Copper Canyon Press. O’Daly’s books of poems include The Whale in the Web, also published by Copper Canyon, as well as The Road to Isla Negra (2015), Water Ways (2017, a collaboration with JS Graustein), and Yarrow and Smoke (2018), the latter three published by Folded Word Press. A National Endowment for the Arts Fellow, O’Daly was a finalist for the 2006 Quill Award in Poetry. A four-time Pushcart Prize nominee, his poems, translations, essays, and reviews have been published in numerous journals and as part of multimedia exhibits and performances. He has received national and regional honors for literary editing and instructional design and has served on the national board of Poets Against War. Currently, he is Lead Writer for the California Water Plan, the Golden State’s strategic plan for sustainably managing water resources. Visit his website for further information and sample poems, essays, and interviews.

Join Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82898977722

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Celebrating Gardens in the Desert: Cultivating Awareness

DoveTales Online, An International Journal of the Arts, Issue II – February 2020
Guest Edited by Robert Kostuck

Our Winter Edition of DoveTales is live!

Many thanks to our featured writer, E. Ethelbert Miller, and all of our amazing contributors.  Thanks to Phillip Richards for his fascinating essay and interview with Mr. Miller. And our sincere gratitude to Guest Editor Robert Kostuck whose vision and theme made this beautiful journal possible.

And thank you all, our Writing for Peace family, for your patience during the delayed publication, and for your kind messages. We hope you’ll be inspired by this issue of DoveTales. Enjoy!

Celebrating Gardens in the Desert: Cultivating Awareness

Cover Art by Joseph Black


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DoveTales Reading Period Open

The DoveTales Online reading period will open on August 1st, 2019, and close on November 1st, 2019. This, the second issue of our online journal will be published on February 1st, 2020. Our guest editor is Writing for Peace Adviser Robert Kostuck. He has chosen the theme of “Gardens in the Desert: Cultivating Awareness.”  Check our Guidelines for further information.

DoveTales, An International Journal of the Arts is an extension of our mission to promote writing that explores the many aspects of peace.  Our goal is to expose young writers to a diverse collection of thoughtful works by our advisers, established, and emerging writers.

DoveTales includes art and photography, as well as poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, occasionally including interviews with writers and individuals working to promote peace through environmental, human rights, and  social justice activism.