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RESISTANCE Goes Up Tomorrow, and Read Three Contest Finalists Now


Our 2020 Summer DoveTales launches at 12 noon Mountain Time. Guest Edited by Brad Wetzler, the RESISTANCE Issue is an exercise in First Amendment Rights. Check in tomorrow to immerse yourself in powerful work from writers, artists and photographers from all over the world, the Young Writers Contest Winners, and our Featured Writer, Martín Espada. This journal is a fearless roar for Democracy and Human Rights.

Young Writers Contest Finalists

This month we have been publishing the finalists from our Young Writers Contest. We received hundreds of wonderful entries, and these writers rose to the top. Congratulations to all our finalists!

Real Beloved, by Karen Umeora

Papa had always placed his hopes in Octavia. She had a strange type of elegance and moved as if gliding on ice.

Read Karen Umeora’s story in full here.

Thunder Over Warsaw, by Adler Schultz

“David,” my mother cries with tears of glittering white,
“Take your sister and run.”

Read Adler Schultz’s poem in full here.

The Flower of Egypt, by Seohyun Yoon

“Flower,” said a young, rather skinny, large-eyed boy in an Arabic accent. As I hopped on the tour carriage, he held out a red flower.

Read Seohyun Yoon’s essay in full here.

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