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First Tentative Outline for Future Conversations

First Tentative Outline for Future Conversations By Lennart Lundh I’ve been a pacifist for as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t in keeping with family tradition. Growing up, there were heated arguments at the dinner table. There were … Continue reading

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Poetry by Phil Johnson, Guest Contributor

A BRISK WALK A brisk walk Takes me to a wall My hand searches the names For a ribbon of my sanity The cold marble Folds into itself with sorrow The wall aches of innocence It is the texture of … Continue reading

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The Peace Correspondent, Vol.1, No. 3

Student Edition, Part One We’re excited to announce the third edition of our Peace Correspondent, a solution-based periodical published by Writing for Peace. This is the first installment of the anticipated two part student edition. We have made it available … Continue reading

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EVERYDAY PEACE, by Samantha Terrell

EVERYDAY PEACE by Samantha Terrell I’m an everyday kind of person. The youngest of four kids, I grew up in an old farmhouse smack-dab in the middle of a Kansas wheat field where there was dust, and sweat, and homemade … Continue reading

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Conscientious Objector’s View From The Ground In Israel, by Natan Blanc

A Conscientious Objector’s View From The Ground In Israel by Natan Blanc When I started writing this post, the Israeli government and the “Hamas” organization were on the verge of agreeing on a cease-fire, and ending the current cycle of … Continue reading

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My Mother’s Funeral, A Review by Robert Kostuck

MY MOTHER’S FUNERAL by Adriana Páramo CavanKerry Press, 2013, 258 pp., $21.00, ISBN 1-933880-39-2 A Review, by Robert Kostuck In My Mother’s Funeral, Adriana Páramo slips between her mother Carmen’s life before children, her own childhood memories, and the present—wake, … Continue reading

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Militarism and Violence are So Yesterday, by Flowers & Zeese

By Writing for Peace Adviser Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese Last week, in our article titled “Armed Drones Becoming the Norm? At the Crossroads of Robotic Warfare,” we wrote about concerns that robotic warfare combined with the global “war on … Continue reading

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Upon Cave Walls and Birch Bark, by Paula Dawn Lietz

In order to write for peace, we must first be able to recognize it. Look for peace in the nooks and crannies of your day – in a child’s innocent chatter, a stranger’s smile, the red leaves rustling beneath a … Continue reading

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Peace. Peace, Brother. Peace Be Unto You. by Phyllis Barber

Peace.  Peace, Brother.  Peace Be Unto You. by Phyllis Barber There’s been talk about peace from time immemorial, yet there are times in all centuries and definitely in today’s world when peace seems a foreign, alien concept. Try reading an … Continue reading

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Mourning the Loss of Voices for Peace, by Andrea W. Doray

 Mourning the Loss of Voices for Peace  by Andrea W. Doray You may not know who Wislawa Szymborska was, but you might know who Carlos Fuentes was. Szymborska and Fuentes are two of the most influential authors of our time, … Continue reading

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