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A word on our Present Call for Submissions

By Robert Kostuck, Editor-in-Chief

Adriana Paramo’s theme for the upcoming DoveTales is an epistolary one, “Letters from the Self to the World.” She discusses her theme in more depth here, but sums up her call with this encouragement: “Whether you write this letter to someone else or yourself (how about a letter to a younger self?), write it with your gut, throat, and knuckles; with tender wrists and beating hearts; with rage and fire and love.”

This is the first time we’ve asked our contributors to submit their work in the form of a letter.

Daunted? Confused? Curious?

Some examples of contemporary epistolary writing are—
Ta-Nehisi Coates, “Between the World and Me”
James Wright and Leslie Marmon Silko, “The Delicacy and Strength of Lace”
Vaclav Havel, “Letters To Olga”

Some examples of archival epistolary writing include:
Montesquieu, “Persian Letters” Persian Letters
Mark Twain, “Letters From The Earth” Letters from the Earth
Rainer Maria Rilke, “Letters to a Young Poet” Letters to a Young Poet

Examples and definitions can be found here:
Epistolary Novel Epistolary novel
Epistolary Poem Epistolary poem

It is an interesting challenge, and sometimes confining our thoughts into a limiting form produces our boldest work. We’re excited to see what you come up with!

Recent notes on Writing for Peace “Gardens in the Desert” contributors:

Rachel Blum’s book, The Doctor of Flowers, is still going strong. For more information on Rachel’s work go to: Rachel Blum, Poet | Author of The Doctor of Flowers.

Frances Park shared this with us: “BLUE RICE is a novel I’ve yet to sell (probably never!), although I’ve placed six excerpts (as short stories) including one in the Winter/Fall issue of SLICE titled ‘Laundry’. My personal essay ‘Koomo Who’ appears in the Fall issue of GARGOYLE. And my forthcoming memoir-in-essays ‘THAT LONELY SPELL: Stories of Family, Friends & Love’ will be published by Heliotrope (Fall/Winter 2021).”

Suzette Bishop shared this news:
“I have a couple new-ish essays out. At The Mighty, ‘When Chronic Illness Makes It Hard to Engage in Conversations,’ and in New Texas, ‘Ekphrasitc Poetry as Feminist Call-And-Response: Ntozake Shange’s Ridin’ the Moon in Texas: Word Paintings,’

Bill Cass’ short story collection, Something Like Hope & Other Stories, has just been released by Wising Up Press, information can be seen here.

We love hearing what our contributors are up to. Let us know about your recent publications by emailing Robert Kostuck at editor@writingfor peace.org.

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