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CMarie Fuhrman Joins Sunday LIVE with Juniper Moon

Join us in welcoming CMarie Fuhrman to Sunday LIVE with Juniper Moon. Tomorrow, Valentine’s Day, at 8pm ET.

CMarie Fuhrman, poet, editor, and essayistCMarie Fuhrman is the author of Camped Beneath the Dam: Poems (Floodgate 2020) and co-editor of Native Voices (Tupelo 2019). She has published poetry and nonfiction in multiple journals including Emergence Magazine, Yellow Medicine Review, Cutthroat a Journal of the Arts, Whitefish Review, Broadsided Press, Taos  International Journal of Poetry and Art, as well as several anthologies.  CMarie is a regular columnist for the Inlander, the Translations Editor for Broadsided Press, Non Fiction Editor for High Desert Journal, and Director of the Elk River Writers Conference.  She resides in the mountains of West Central Idaho.

Join Sunday LIVE Reading Zoom Meeting at:

Meeting ID: 875 2664 6096   Passcode: 757763

Young Writers Contest in Full Swing!

We invite young writers (ages 13-19) to take the Writing for Peace challenge to develop empathy through creative writing. Winners will be published in our international journal, DoveTales, and the Grand Prize Winner will win $200. Check out the guidelines here.

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2012 Young Writers’ Contest Winners

On this special May Day, we are delighted to announce the winners for the 2012 Writing for Peace Young Writers’ Contest. The contest challenged writers, ages 13-19, to research and write in the voice of a character from another culture, digging beneath the surface to explore common humanity and universal themes. Young writers from all over the United States took up our short fiction challenge, and their stories reflected a broad spectrum of cultures. Our editors were amazed at the quality of work submitted across the board, but our three winners stood out in not only the beauty of their prose, but in their cultural insights.

Learn more about these talented young writers by clicking on their links (below).


Shadia Farah, 1st place 2012

Shadia Farah

First Place Winner

“A North Korean Perspective”

Shadia Farah, 11th grade, Brooklyn Technical High School New York
Our Fiction Judge, William Haywood Henderson, had this to say about Shadia’s short story: “A North Korean Perspective” is a sharp, intense glimpse into the personal consequences of living under a totalitarian regime. We’re left with haunting images—the blisters on a girl’s fingers as she practices her string instrument for an upcoming ceremony, a photo of a ballistic missile slowly fading on a computer screen, the beautiful dress the girl has hidden beneath her bed, a dress she feels compelled to destroy. Shadia Farah has beautifully evoked a girl’s struggles to contain her emotions, to do the right thing, to conform, and in that the story is universal. “The U.S.A. has its flaws, but those are minor scratches compared to the deep wounds of North Korea.” ~Shadia Farah  
Caroline Nawrocki, 2nd place 2012

Caroline Nawrocki

Second Place Winner

“Unparalleled Freedom”

Caroline Nawrocki, 10th grade, Germantown Academy, Pennsylvania

“There is something so nomadically beautiful about the Romani people that it seems like a crime for them to be oppressed as much as they are.  Awareness needs to be spread about their cause, and through the written word I hope that can be accomplished.”  ~Caroline Nawrocki


Tait Rutherford, 3rd Place 2012

Tait Rutherford

Third Place Winner

“Women are Women the World Over”

Tait Rutherford, 12th grade, Fort Collins High School, Colorado

 “Compassion is a beautiful thing, possibly the most beautiful thing in the world, especially when combined with initiative and ingenuity, and a will to create peace where none now exists.” ~Tait Rutherford

2012 Writing for Peace Young Writer’s Contest winners will receive $250 for first place, and $75 for second and third places.  You can read their award winning short fiction in our upcoming journal, DoveTales, appearing online on January 1st, 2013. General submission guidelines will be posted June 1st, as well as guidelines for the 2013 Writing for Peace Young Writers’ Contest.

Happy May Day, and Congratulations to all our 2012 Young Writers!


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