The Peace Correspondent, Vol.1, No. 3

Student Edition, Part One

We’re excited to announce the third edition of our Peace Correspondent, a solution-based periodical published by Writing for Peace. This is the first installment of the anticipated two part student edition. We have made it available on the site here. For those who prefer the traditional periodical format, it will arrive via email as a pdf attachment. You are welcome to forward the pdf  to interested friends and family. The periodical will also be shared through our Facebook page.

In this edition, look forward to:

Another Look at Homelessness: Overlooked in Fort Collins—Testimony from the Street

by Megan Braa

Another look at Indigenous Movements: The Water Protectors—Where are they now?

by Cullen Lobe

Spotlight on Agriculture: The American Way

by Gwen Hummel

Spotlight on Northern Colorado: Watering Down the War

by Julia Rentsch

Human right or mortal sin: an in-depth look at the assisted suicide controversy

by Emily Mashak

Conversations on immigration: Empathy on the Southern Border

by Erin Phil

A word about coming Peace Correspondent news journals

by Editor-in-Chief Elissa Tivona

The second part of our student edition will be announced on our blog and will include a special editorial by Writing for Peace Adviser Djelloul Marbrook.  If you are interested in joining our Peace Journalists and writing for The Peace Correspondent, check out our guidelines here.

Congratulations to Editor-in-Chief Elissa Tivonna, our Associate Editor Melody Rautenstraus, and all our talented student Peace Journalists!


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