Two Poems by David S. Pointer

Marine_CASEVAC_FallujahTwo Poems by David S. Pointer

Field Craft Phantoms: Ghillie Suit Vapor

Surveillance duty: I hear the Corps snipers
talking about civilian shooter opportunities

one year tours
                taking out as many
target list locals as possible overseas
high pay hardship tours
                        for hard chargers

                              radio call,
                              rifle, ammo
every once in a we don’t know who you
are or ever were
                           make it back to die
Orchestrating Worldview: Africa to Chicago

Plutomaniacs design mass economic
mirages like fine murals, jet-teaming
around globally as if they were big
Nelson Mandela fans, auditing the
monetary end exclusion as to how it
impacts incoming financial growth with
untranslatable economic-tunnel-vision
beneath champagne diamond chandeliers:
pet the lion, pet the people, bury villages,
deny same while extracting resources,
while surveillance cameras start coughing
in the world’s ear as Chicago exile teams
up with the coroner’s office to bypass top
down issues redefining it all as ordinary
underachievers’ crime and non-news…

About Writing for Peace Adviser David S. Pointer

David Scott Pointer, Writing for Peace AdvisorDavid S. Pointer has been a social justice poet for 25 years. He earned a master’s degree in Sociology. Later he picked up a surgical technology diploma. David has work included in Proud to Be: Writings by American Warriors, Volumes I, II and III. He serves on the advisory panel at “Writing for Peace.” Learn more about David and his work here.



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