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Writing for Peace AdvisorsIntroducing Our Writing for Peace Advisory Panel

Among our panel members are poets, novelists, memoirists, and essayists – artists who have achieved a level of personal integrity in their work that inspires each of us to search for our own truth. Some panel members inspire us through their life choices, perhaps recognizing a calling toward peace after they were already well established in other careers. They show us that it is never too late to find personal fulfillment in working toward a greater good.

Our panel members show us the varied paths toward peace, to honoring the value of all life, committing ourselves to repairing our damaged ecosystems, respecting cultural differences, and working toward human rights and nonviolent conflict resolution between nations, communities, within families, and in our own lives.

We hope you will take the time to learn about each of our advisers, explore their work, and contemplate your own path toward peace.

Writing for Peace Advisers

D.M. Aderibigbe, Poet

Pilar Rodriguez Aranda, Poet, Filmmaker, Translator, “Artivist”

Phyllis Barber, Author, Educator

Mary Carroll-Hackett, Author, Poet, Editor, Educator, W4P Board Member

Lorraine Currelley, Poet, Writer, Educator, Activist, Mental Health Counselor, and Founder of Poets Network & Exchange

Maija Rhee Devine, Author, Poet

Dr. Margaret Flowers, Pediatrician, Healthcare and Democracy Advocate

Veronica Golos, Poet, Educator

Victoria Hanley, Author, Educator

Lyla June Johnston, Poet, Author, Activist

Stephen Kuusisto, Poet, Educator, Activist

Page Lambert, Author, Educator

Vicki Lindner, Author, Educator

Cara Lopez Lee, Author, Educator

Djelloul Marbrook, Author, Poet, Journalist, Educator

E. Ethelbert Miller, Poet, Educator, Activist

Juniper Moon, Poet and Artist

Dinty W. Moore, Author, Educator, Editor

Pamela Olson, Author

Adriana Paramo, Author, Educator, Womens’ Rights Advocate

Wang Ping, Poet, Educator

Syed Azfar Ali Rizvi, Documentary Filmmaker, Photographer, Academic, and Communication Strategist, W4P Board Member

Peter Street, Poet, Educator

Patricia Jabbeh Wesley, Author, Poet, Educator




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