Victoria Hanley

Victoria Hanley, Writing for Peace AdviserBy studying fiction, I’ve learned that a good story is built around conflict. However, a good life is built around peace.

~ Victoria Hanley

Victoria Hanley spent years preparing for a writing career by holding as many contrasting jobs as possible, from baking bread to teaching anatomy and hosting radio shows. She’s lived in California, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Oregon, and Colorado, and traveled throughout North America via plane, train, bus, car, and bicycle. Who knew she’d be the author of 7 books published in 12 languages!

Victoria’s novels have won many honors and awards at home and abroad, and inspired two nonfiction writing books: Seize the Story: A Handbook for Teens Who Like to Write, and Wild Ink: Success Secrets to Writing and Publishing in the Young Adult Market. She teaches writing at Lighthouse Writers Workshop in Denver and at Northern Colorado Writers in Fort Collins.

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Victoria Hanley offers free writing tips for writers for peace (or any other kind of writer) in our blog monthly. We’ll post them here after they go out in our blog, so you can always come back to them later.

Victoria’s Writing Tips

Exercise No. 1: Writing Exercise for Peace of Mind

Exercise No. 2: Writing Through Sorrow

Exercise No. 3: Creating Story Tension

Wild Ink: Success Secrets to Writing and Publishing in the Young Adult Market
Wild Ink
(released May 1, 2012) — Would you love to write the next young adult (YA) novel? Wild Ink is packed with examples on how to turn your own ideas into riveting stories. Dozens of interviews with writers, editors, and agents provide an inspirational view of what’s happening in the industry and advice on how to finish a book and get published. Includes a chapter on writing nonfiction YA.

Seize the Story: A Handbook for Teens Who Like to Write
Seize the Story Calling young storytellers! This writing guide is filled with tips and writing exercises for creating sparkling dialogue, shiny scenes, twisted plots, and gripping characters. Includes interviews and advice from successful authors.

Novels for Age 12+

The Seer and the Sword
The Seer and the Sword A prince born to peace and privilege loses his father, his kingdom, his sword, and his freedom. How does he rise to become the greatest warrior of his time? And how does he go on when he believes the love of his life is dead?

The Healer’s Keep
The Healer's Keep Four young people separated by class and geography must work together and use their gifts to fight a battle larger than each of them could have faced alone. Their best weapon—that of dream travel—could prove their greatest weakness as they search for a way to overcome a sorcerer who hunts them through their dreams while they sleep.

The Light of the Oracle
Light of the Oracle Bryn, a simple stonecutter’s daughter, sees visions but has no idea they are true until she is taken to the Temple of the Oracle, where she must confront corruption and danger from those who want to steal her mind.

Novels for Age 10+

Violet Wings
Violet Wings Zaria Tourmaline breaks the laws of Feyland by secretly visiting Earth and trying to help a human boy. She crosses Lily Morganite, a powerful and diabolical fairy who strives to turn Zaria’s dearest friends against her with lies and enchantments.

Indigo Magic
Indigo Magic Zaria finds herself in possession of an indigo bottle filled with perilous magic that could tear Feyland apart, and the evil fairy Lily Morganite wants control of it. Zaria’s quest to defeat Lily takes her and her friends from Earth to the lands of the pixies, gremlins, and trolls. But every place they go, danger awaits.

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