Amal Kassir

Amal Kassir

Amal Kassir is a 20 year old Syrian-American spoken word artist. Born and raised most her life in Denver, CO, she came from a dinner table of tabouleh and meat loaf, Arab father and American mother, best meals of both worlds.

A University student, Amal is designing her own major, combining child psychology, writing and education to develop curricula for Refugee children with trauma, with a minor in Human Development and Family Relations. She has performed in 8 countries and over 30 cities, in refugee camps and youth detention centers, in hotel banquet rooms and high school classrooms. She does workshops with people of all backgrounds and her vision is empowerment in marginalized youth by utilizing writing as a tool of self-determination. She runs a project called More than Metaphors that focuses on the education initiative for displaced Syrian children, but uses the grass roots to bring communities together for all conversations. When she is not studying or spitting on microphone, she is waitressing at her family’s Syrian restaurant.


Syrian-American Amal Kassir reads ‘My Grandmother’s Farm’

Poem About Syrian Suffering by Amal Kassir


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6 Responses to Amal Kassir

  1. suhaid says:

    keep up the good work sis !

  2. peacefully coexist says:

    When I saw your Tedx talk,I thought that there are many people who care to live in peace. I hope you will do this meaningful job. Thanks to you,the world will become better.Please, do not give up to do this. Thank you for everyone who wants to be happy. Regards.

  3. yasin says:

    My sister, we are all with you no matter what religious we have or what color etc.!
    you working for the sake of Allah and we are with you

    we always support you we stand with you,
    mashallah from me and my friends from Iran to you .

  4. Sharmin says:

    Dear Amal ,I don’t know if you ever read this!!! But i really want u to know u inspired me a lot…. Keep up the good work and never ever give up…. Thank you for your speech at Tedx… It was amazing to see a girl who has this kind of power in her voice and smile….

  5. My dear daughter keep up the good work. I heard you onTed Talk and now following you. I showed your site to my doctor friends and family members. May God Bless you and we all stand by your side.

  6. heena says:

    Amal…tis was d first time i saw u but indeed i love the way u speak.,express,and take us beyond what v thought we will thank u…., one day i will b where u are

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