Malaka Shwaikh

Malaka Mohammed, Writing for Peace AdviserAs a Palestinian, peace for me means the end of Israeli policies of the occupation of our historical lands, ethnic cleansing, colonization, and racial discrimination that has been continuously condemned by human rights and international law organizations, yet Israel chooses to ignore these calls with full impunity. Peace is by putting so much pressure on this settler colonial state to abide by human rights and international law. Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions is one of the tactics that has proved its success to tell Israel that you’re no more impune; the world is watching and looking for a peaceful Globe. I use writing as a way to raise awareness and to express myself. It is good to have approachable platforms that one can use to reach large audiences around the world.

~Malaka Shwaikh Writing for Peace Young Adviser

Malaka Shwaikh is a Palestinian activist and freelance writer living in Sheffield. She has graduated with a BA in English literature from the Islamic University of Gaza and a MA in global politics and law from the University of Sheffield in Britain.


Read Malaka’s articles on Huffington post here.

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