Tiffany Wang

Tiffany Wang2015 Fiction, First Place

“Haozhen” by Tiffany Wang

Denton, Texas, United States

John H. Guyer High School, Grade 11

Tiffany Wang is a junior at John H. Guyer High School, a school on the outskirts of Dallas, TX. She plays the piano and the viola, debates, and teaches a culture class to elementary-school children, which has helped her understand what it means to have pride in being Taiwanese. She hopes to study international relations after she graduates, to further her exploration of cross-cultural relationships.

She considers herself first and foremost a writer. She loves to experiment with all forms of prose, and has consistently written since she was very young. Recently, she has begun interning under The Prospect to stylistically improve her writing and learn more about the editorial process at large. Her work has been nationally recognized by the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards and the NCTE Achievement Awards, and has appeared or is forthcoming in publications such as the Eunoia Review, the Blue Monday Review, the Cadaverine, and the Apprentice Writer, among others.

From 2015 Young Writers Contest Judge Antonya Nelson:

I appreciate this story’s use of modular style in its telling, as well as its sense of humor. It delivers its serious business with a smile.

Tiffany’s winning story will be featured in our 2016 edition of DoveTales, An International Journal of the Arts.


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