Gökçe Güven, Finalist

Gökçe GüvenAs a person who is living in the heart of Middle East, Turkey, I directly witnessed and experienced effects of Refugee Crisis. I was tired of asking ‘’Are you okay?” to everyone after attacks and hearing the news of deaths. At the age of 17, not being able to make a change was despairing. I was continuously looking for ways to do Previewsomething while we were all in danger and encircled with sorrow. One day I came across Writing For Peace’s website and here it was, a way to make a change.

Writing for peace was not only a writing competition for me. It was the platform that gave me a chance to make my voice heard. I could at least reach a conscious community as an eye of an insider in this crisis. And my voice is only one light in this darkness. There are many issues in the world that we are blind to. Writing for Peace gives a chance to everyone to light a candle and we are a step closer to the solution if we are aware. Writing for Peace was my hope, change, and a step toward the light from the darkness for humanity.

~Gökçe Güven

“Cocktail at Azrael’s” by Gökçe Güven

Istanbul, Turkey

Robert College, Grade 10

Gökçe Güven played with dolls until she was 13. She was creating different worlds with her imagination and making them real by writing them down. Gökçe’s passion for writing and drawing has always been a part of her identity but it has just transformed throughout her life from being a tool for my imagination to a way of expressing herself. Everything started in her diary as sketches, written dreams or short stories and as she got more into reality writing became a reflection of her inner voice,  the friend that always understands. Gökçe believes you don’t have to rush to tell what you mean while writing, you can work for days to have the actual idea and it will wait patiently. Transforming her ideas into words isn’t easy, but at the end when she has the scent of my thoughts in between the lines it makes her crave for more. Gökçe understands what she is passionate about if she has the desire that cannot be quietened down.

Art, soccer and social entrepreneurship always made Gökçe feel that fire raging in her soul which kept her going on in the tiring days of working for perfection. As all humans Gökçe does her best if she enjoys what she is doing, that’s why she wants to combine her passions with her career in the future. As a part of a privileged community which is provided by social opportunities and education; Gökçe wants to use her passions, ideas and words on helping people who don’t have the same opportunities. After studying entrepreneurial studies and product design she wants to be a social entrepreneur who designs products or comes up with ideas that can make the lives of others easier.

Gökçe Güven’s short story, “Cocktail at Azrael’s” will appear this Fall 2016 in the Writing for Peace Blog.

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