Jordan Dalton

Jordan Dalton, 2013 Fiction, First Place2013 Fiction, First Place

“Caterpillars” by Jordan Dalton, age 16

Carmel, Indiana, USA

University High School, grade 10

Jordan lives in Carmel, Indiana with her family and is currently attending University High School. She enjoys reading, writing, photography, and her two cats. In the future, she hopes to publish a novel and do more with Writing for Peace.

2014 Progress Report

“Since writing my entry for Writing for Peace, I’ve come to realize that my work really can make a difference in the world. Words have the power to spread awareness, hope, and inspiration to people who would have otherwise despaired. We all have the ability to create, and create in the name of beauty and change. I can only hope one day to spend my life doing just that.”

What The Judge Said…

“Caterpillars” is a poetic vision of a family caught in the service of the Spanish, in the mines of Cerra Rico in what was then Peru, in the sixteenth century. The father dies after years of forced labor, poisoned by mercury, and the son takes the father’s place in the mines, working to pay off the debt the family has accrued at the company store. The young narrator watches all this unfold with great tenderness, capturing evocative and beautiful moments, making wise observations. Ultimately, though, the narrator’s visions are swallowed in dust and darkness.”

~William Haywood Henderson
Young Writers Fiction Contest Judge

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