Jia Ce Cai

Jiace Cai small2014 Fiction, Second Place

“Home” by Jia Ce Cai

Voorhees, New Jersey, United States

Eastern Regional High School, Grade 11

Jia Ce was born in the Jilin province of China, but she grew up in three different countries. From China, to Canada, to the United States, Jia Ce experienced the cultures and languages of both the East and the West. A trilingual Chinese-Canadian currently living in New Jersey, Jia Ce loves to play violin. She also loves reading Chinese literature. She is currently a Junior at Eastern Regional High School and aspires to be a dermatologist.

2015 Progress Report:

This year, as a senior at Eastern Regional High School, I am currently taking AP English Literature and Composition. I have delved into the tragedies of Shakespeare to the ever memorable play of Pygmalion. Throughout my journey into British Literature, I have found myself experimenting with a lot more styles and forms of writing. From poetry to writing short plays, I expanded my horizon for both English and writing. With the knowledge and skills I have learned, I see myself becoming more engaged in my literary works.

What “writing for peace” means to me:

Ever since last year when my teacher told me my work would be published, I found a confidence in myself which I never had before. “Writing for Peace” made me realize that my writing has a voice that I never noticed before. Therefore, “writing for peace” is not only a wonderful opportunity for me to share my story but it is also most importantly a medium where I gained the confidence to express my voice through writing.

I look forward to the publication of DoveTales this year! Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity to express myself through writing.

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