2021 Young Writers Contest Winners

2021 Young Writers Contest Results

In Poetry~

First Place: Natasha Bredle from Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, for “Nawaji’s Notebook.” Natasha attends Summit County Day School and is in 8th Grade.

Second Place: Huda Haque, from Morrisville, North Carolina, United States, for “On the 1947 India-Pakistan Conflict.” Huda attends Panther Creek High School and is in 11th Grade.

Third Place: Kionna Carter from Spring, Texas, United States, for “Beautiful In Every Way.” Kiona attends Oak Ridge High School and is in 10th Grade.

Finalist: Taeyon Han, from Irving, California, United States, for “Blushing Red.” Taeyon attends Arnold O. Beckman High School and is in the 11th Grade.

In Fiction~

First Place: Sonia Mehta from Dublin, Ohio, United States, for “Once They Were.” Sonia attends Dublin Jerome High School for Girls and is in the 11th Grade.

Second Place: Daria Volkova, from Wilmette, Illinois, United States, for “The We People.” Daria attends New Trier High School and is in 10th Grade.

Third Place: Celia Joely, from Boca Raton, Florida, United States, for “Leap of Faith.” Celia attends Somerset Academy Boca Middle School and is in 7th Grade.

Finalist: Syrine Assi from Beirut, Lebanon for “It’s Now or Never.” Syrine attends International College and is in 10th Grade.

In Nonfiction~

First Place: Isabel Xiao, from Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States, for “Rock and Roll Isn’t Dead, It Just Smells Funny.” Isabel attends Princess Ann High School and is in 11th Grade.

Second Place: Jitae Kim, from Pamona, California, United States, for “Two Boys. A Bridge with No End. A Sleeping Dragon.” Jitae attends Damien High School and is in 11th Grade.

Third Place: Rebecca Zhang, from McLean, Virginia, United States, for “How Latinx Culture and Values Effect Latinx Students’ Approach Towards Education.”  Rebecca attends Langley High School and is in 11th Grade.

Finalist: Chih-Chen (Steven) Yeh, from Jurong, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China. Steven attends Nanjing International School and is in 10th Grade.

And the 2021 Grand Prize of $200 goes to…

Grand Prize Winner

Yueyi Huang, from Shanghai, China, for her sharp-edged short story “Picadillo,” a well-researched and poignant glimmer of the pain inflicted by the Mexican cartel. Yueyi attends YK Pao School and is in 8th Grade.

We, at Writing for Peace, would like to congratulate all our young writers. The competition was incredibly stiff this year, with many excellent entries coming from countries all over the world. We hope you will keep refining your craft with the goal of making a difference with your writing, because your submissions showed extraordinary insight and awareness. Each of our young writers will receive certificates of participation, and finalists will be published here on the Writing for Peace Blog at www.writingforpeace.org. Our Grand Prize Winner will receive the $200 Grand Prize, and all of our winners will be published in DoveTales, an International Journal of the Arts.  Thank you all for taking this writing challenge!

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2 thoughts on “2021 Young Writers Contest Winners

  1. Sandra McGarry

    This is such wonderful news to read. I loved reading the names and the places the students are from. International awareness of the “other”, the pain of the other, the humanness of the other.
    Thank you to Writing for Peace for this program that highlights international understandings.


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