A Brief History

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A Brief History:

Writing for Peace began in the fall of 2011 with its first annual Young Writers’ Contest. The deadline for that contest was March 1st, 2012, and winners were announced on May Day.  The first Writing for Peace Club started at Fort Collins High School, in Northern Colorado, with a small group of writers concerned about issues ranging from bio warfare to the environment and human rights.  (Spilled Ink article.) Club members brainstormed creative research approaches and workshopped their stories.  One afternoon, prize-winning poet Sandra McGarry visited the club to share her poem about a stoning death and speak about the power of the pen. (Coloradoan article.) 

As the young writers at Fort Collins High School polished their stories, Writing for Peace was sharing our vision through Facebook.  We began receiving submissions from writers all over the world, and hearing from those who wanted to join in our mission to support them. So our Board of Directors, a small but enthusiastic group of writers and activists, went to work developing ways to connect young writers with more established writers whose bodies of work reflect a commitment to peace.  The first and most obvious step was to introduce these young writers to our Advisory Panel. Our growing Advisory Panel includes award-winning poets, novelists, memoirists and essayists. They are activists and entrepreneurs of immense personal integrity and determination, some who may not even consider themselves writers in the traditional sense, but their writings have played a vital role in promoting awareness and bridging the cultural divides that separate us. In addition to their important work and behind-the-scenes support for Writing for Peace, we are grateful for their contributions on our blog. We invite young writers (and everyone else) to explore our Advisor pages, and be sure to follow our blog for their insights and inspiration.

Since then, there has been an explosion of  Writing for Peace activity. On May 1st, we awarded prizes to three outstanding young writers for our first annual Young Writers’ Contest. We’ve developed a series of free summer workshops, and our first annual Young Writers’ Rocky Mountain Creative Writing Day Camp at Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch in Colorado on September 8th.  (Download the Brochure, and register early to ensure a spot! ) We’re developing a Mentor Platform that allows young writers to ask questions of authors and activists from around the world, which will open on August 1st when the 2013 contest guidelines are announced.  And we are launching our own unique journal, DoveTales, for which submission guidelines were announced on June 1st.  DoveTales will  feature our young writers’ winning stories, along with the stories, poems, essays, interviews, art and photography of established contributors.

We hope you will share in our excitement, follow our blog, and join us in celebration as Writing for Peace expands and discovers new ways to fulfill our mission!


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