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Brian Wrixon, Writing for Peace Advisor

Brian E. Wrixon

Poet/Author/Publisher/Business Consultant

Brian Wrixon is a retired business executive who, after serving over 40 years in the financial services industry, now devotes his time to creative endeavours. In addition to writing and publishing his own poetry and prose works, he has been instrumental in assisting hundreds of young and emerging authors from around the world get published, either personally or as contributors to group anthologies.

Brian is the founder of the almost 1,400 member international writers’ group “Poets with Voices Strong”. He is a member of the advisory boards of “Writing For Peace” in Colorado USA, and “Express Journal” in Moradabad (U.P.) India. He is also a member of the senior editorial board of Bharat College of Commerce and Science in Kulgaon Badlapur, India, and serves on the editorial board of The World Peace Mission in Kankerkhera, Meerut (U.P.) India. He likewise functions as an editor and reviewer for publisher Melinda Cochrane International. Brian has contributed to several journals, scholarly texts, anthologies and other publications around the globe.

He graduated from Laurentian University in Canada with a degree in Classical Studies, and is a former faculty member, online curriculum design consultant and program coordinator at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario. Along with his lengthy career in the corporate world, he also built a highly successful consulting practice and now provides consultancy services in distribution chain management and strategic planning for small businesses on a volunteer basis, through his facilitated planning process “Growth By Design”.

Brian has been married for over 40 years to Dr. Cheryl Wrixon, an educational consultant, and they are fortunate to live nearby their children and grandchildren. Their extended family includes four children sponsored through Chalice Canada, three in Africa and one in Haiti.

Brian Wrixon Books (Canada) is a private and independent publisher registered with Library and Archives Canada. It operates on a not-for-profit basis and has produced over 100 titles. The publisher’s printing needs are handled by Blurb Inc. of the USA. All publications of Brian Wrixon Books (Canada) are available from the printer’s online bookstore at:

Contact information:
Brian E. Wrixon
4172 Spruce Avenue
Burlington, Ontario
Canada L7L 1K9
(905) 637-8851

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Publications include:

The Poetry of War & Peace

By Brian Wrixon and a World of Friends

Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” has been described, “Love and battle, terror and desire, life and death. It’s a book that you don’t just read, you live.” It has also been called, “A triumphant affirmation of human life.” The fact of the matter is that Tolstoy’s subjects of war and peace can get under our skins, into our brains, melt into our hearts. We have all been affected by war, in one way or another, and we all strive for peace.

But this book is not about Tolstoy, it only borrows his title. It’s about how a group of connected international poets (80 writers from 20 countries) look at Tolstoy’s themes, war and peace. Theirs is a powerful message. Their feelings run deep and their words are strong, sometimes not for the faint of heart. But then again, war and peace are not for the faint of heart either.




Words on the Winds of Change

By Brian Wrixon and Poets For Social Justice

Poverty, racism, child labour and abuse, environmental pillage, corporate greed, religious and gender intolerance are all running rampant in our society. The dispossessed, disenfranchised, neglected and otherwise downtrodden people of the world are not being protected by the inflated words of our leaders and governments. These people have traditionally had no voice. That is, up until now!

Now the little people have spoken out and are demanding to be heard – 125+ writers from all over the world. It’s as if we staged a remake of the 1976 film “Network”, where people were encouraged to hang out their windows and yell, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!” We speak strongly and loudly and yes, we are mad as hell about what is going on around us. Social justice issues and human rights affect us all. You can make a difference – join us as we shout our feelings to the world.




Tripping on Words: a Literary Atlas

By Brian Wrixon and a World of Friends

Not that long ago, most people were born in one place and probably didn’t stray more than a couple of miles from home during their entire lives. In contrast, ours is a world that is constantly on the move. Most of us come from some other place, live in one place at the moment, and are on our way somewhere else eventually. In the meantime, we spend our business lives and our leisure moments on the go.

This book is about places that we love to live in and to visit. Once again, a group of over 60 international poetry friends have answered the challenge and have collaborated to create “Tripping on Words: a Literary Atlas”. You will certainly enjoy their writing. This is a group that is known for their strong opinions, as you can tell from the depth of feeling that they show for the places about which they have written.



The Survivor’s Guide to Bedlam

By Brian Wrixon & John Hirst & Poets with Voices Strong

This very talented group of 119 friends from around the world, has found that writing is a great way of controlling the bedlam and chaos that descends on people’s lives when they are faced with a physical or mental illness. They share their writings in the hope that you find reading their thoughts therapeutic and calming. They also want to encourage you to take up the pen yourself, if you are so inclined, and to use their example as a self-help guide to getting better, or in helping someone else to get better. Through writing, they have all survived their own personal Bedlams.



Heartbeats, Footsteps, & Musings

By Brian Wrixon

Poetry is all about connections and our interplay with people, places, things, events, feelings, and the world around us. In this volume of his complete poetry, Brian Wrixon shares his lyrical writings on love, travel, life, the arts, history, war, and nature, as well as his experiments with other forms of poetry.



Confessions of a Would-Be Poet

By Brian Wrixon

 In a sense each of us is a poet. We carry within us the soul of a poet. We see, smell, touch, hear and feel. We constantly interpret life through our senses and our emotions, and that is what makes us humans and sets us apart from the beasts. Poets are people who marry those interpretations with their imaginations, and all of us do that, all the time. Strangely enough though, we only use the term “poet” to refer to those who are actually brave or foolish enough to commit their interpretations to paper. It’s like there’s some shame in being called a poet. But the poet’s soul is within us all, whether we take up the pen and write, or not.



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