Edward D. Currelley


Black Lives Matter and Always Have

Un-kept promises, the repetition of painful assault
Wounds that fail to mend, ignored, now festering
Cultural relativism and the road map to cohesion un-addressed
Our code of governance written on parchment, stained in blood
Documents of equality, allegiance, democracy and the principles of social order
Words on parchment, re-interpreted for reasons of greed and supremacy
Words purposed and adopted in an era of enslavement by slave owners
Written in sunlight, overshadowed by lies of darkness, literally and figuratively
A plan for humanity in a time when inhumanity flourished
Words on parchment, tattered, frayed with time, echoing the second stanza
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL
Among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…..
Are these just … words written on parchment? The black and brown population of America
continues to be gunned down and murdered by an occupying force with impunity.

The repetition of black death has left a stench so bad, the world is shouting in unison
“BLACK LIVES MATTER, BLACK LIVES MATTER.” The populous has taken to arms
resisting oppressors at all cost. Life has become frightening, but, we’re fighting
The past is ever so present
An un-yielding cycle of hatred has manifested, near and far, but we’re being heard
Our planet appears to rotate in the opposite direction
Nature is unaligned; an unstoppable contagious monster is devouring people by the thousands
History is repeating itself on a multitude of levels, lessons weren’t learned
Ivory towers are in denial, the people are rising up
The strain of merely existing has become overwhelming
The nation is in service of an unserving constitution
There’s a dark cloud of fear, a blanket of suspicion
The nation is drowning in its own tears, while blind eyes are wide open
We’re choking, please help, we can’t breathe, we can’t breathe.


Photo assembly credit goes to Lorraine Currelley.

Rocks for Change

This is a collection of photographs of rocks I’ve encountered in flower beds during long walks in my community. People reaching out silently, sharing their thoughts and support. These are stressful times, finding even one of these stones, reminds us that we’re not alone.

Edward D. Currelley is an author and artist, is widely anthologized. Publications include 2018 HVCCA (MOCA) anthology,” Between I & Thou”, 2019 Hudson Valley MOCA anthology “Death is Irrelevant”, Mom Egg Review, DoveTales, Sling Magazine, and Metaphor Magazine #5. He is also a contributor to the online publication The Peace Correspondent. His poem “I America” appears in Split This Rock, as part of their Poems of Resistance, Power & Resilience. His performance piece “The Plead” is currently featured in the Studio Theater in Exile exhibit “Climbing the Walls.” He is also a PushCart Prize Nominee and has authored two children’s books. He holds a seat on the board of directors for Poets Network & Exchange, Inc. and The Bronx Book Fair. He is listed with Poets & Writers as an American poet and author. He resides in New York.

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