Elaine Gerard

One Poem

The human in me
I see in the mirror
above my bed
these bare breasts
dimpled in the cool
of my bedroom,
peaked in the purple
where the lingerie
is stepped over,
a velvet pool of
shimmering black
I see my soft belly
rise and fall
with each weary
soul breath,
I touch,
close my eyes
and I just
am a woman,
just for tonight,
where I lie
in the silent bed,
a ticking clock
and the curtains
that flit and
undulate as slow
as the moon’s
numbed path,
then slumber
and pass
into dreams where
I am merely human,
a touch of color,
the lips red
and the soul
so blue,
the bruises purple
and golden fade;
I drift above
in a hue,
a hum,
an invasion,
I fly above
my sincere landscape,
sewn with careless
crazy quilt country,
where spiders watch
my every move,
the monster waits
behind a pillow,
and I fly on by
so unaware,
I sit on a cloud
and sing,
there is no body,
I am just a thought,
a feather,
pulled to the edge,
looking down,
a shapeless person
a paper bag,
arms and legs
and nothing
but me in between,
I smile and
fly into my night,
where magenta skies
and alizarin crimson
prairies full of
speckled dun horses
churn and stampede,
I fly into those skies,
here in the dream,
where I am human,
I am just the
of a me.


Running Colors, by Elaine Gerard

Running Colors, by Elaine Gerard



Elaine GerardElaine Gerard has been writing poetry and short stories since the age of 12. Born as a member of the Blackfeet Tribe, Elaine grew up in northern Montana and spent many of her adult years on the Navajo reservation in Arizona. Elaine’s poetry has appeared in Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, Red Ink, and Yellow Medicine Review, among others.  Her book of collected poems is NDN: the words of a little hawk, published by Poetic Justice Press. She enjoys painting, beadwork, and sewing in her spare time.  Elaine resides in beautiful Spokane, Washington, with her partner and his daughter.



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