Jean Fineberg


He Shot Somebody on 5th Avenue
I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody
and I wouldn’t lose any voters…Donald Trump

He shot somebody
on 5th Avenue.
Mothers ran for shelter,
others ran for help.

A Kent State photo was taken.

The shooter,
sporting a stupid grin
and stupider combover,
vaporized into gold dust.

He blew into his limo,
and arrived back at the castle
in time
for the evening news.

“Man commits suicide
on 5th Avenue,”
ran the chyron
on Fox News.

the shooter tweeted
thoughts and prayers,
although he had neither.

After a respectable day or two, all was forgotten.

When I read 1984,
I knew it could happen.
Truth is a potato chip in a thin glass dome,
guarded by mercenaries.

When the order comes
to smash the dome,
and it will,
what will replace it?


Previously published in the online Journal LIterary Yard.

Photo by Sandy Morris

Jean Fineberg is a jazz saxophonist and composer, and the recipient of eight residency fellowships for music composition.  Her poet father left a new poem on the table every morning, and she recently unearthed a book of poems she wrote when she was eight. Jean has studied with celebrated poet Kim Addonizio, and publications of her poems include Soliloquies Anthology, Vita Brevis, Uppagus, Literary Yard, FLARE: The Flagler Review, Riza Press, High Shelf Press, Shot Glass Journal, Multiplicity Magazine and The Fibonacci Review.

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