Juniper Moon on tonight’s Sunday LIVE Guest, Ian Ramsey

Sunday LIVE Host Juniper Moon

One of the aspects I love about this reading series is the ability to learn more about the writer and how they move through the world, not only from what they share from the page.

This week’s guest has inspired me for years now—how he moves through the world and makes it a better place with not only his presence but what he does and offers others…

Ian Ramsey will read from his soon-to-be-published poetry manuscript “Hackable Animal,” and take us “around the world from Tokyo to Trinidad to Trujillo and wrestling with the inner dimensions of what it means to be a wild human being in the quickly disrupting/globalizing 21st century. Ecology. Climate Change. Wildfires. Technology. Activism. And lots of bears”.

Join us? Tonight, Sunday, March 28th, at 8pm ET/5pm PST. (Zoom link below.)

Ian Ramsey is a poet and educator based in Maine where he directs the Kauffmann Program for Environmental Writing and Wilderness Exploration. His writing has appeared in journals like, Off the Coast, High Desert Journal, Orion, Words & Images, and the Mountain Research Initiative. Ian, who holds an MFA from the Rainier Writing Workshop, has served as an artist-in-residence across North America and abroad, and he frequently collaborates with scientists internationally to communicate climate-change research in creative ways. He is an ultra-runner, sea kayak guide, and sponsored mountain athlete, and a founding board member of the non-profit Physiology First, which gives students leading-edge tools to manage anxiety and perform at a higher level. As a musician, he has been nominated for a Grammy and has shared the stage with Yoko Ono and Tony Trisha, among others. He is currently finishing a poetry manuscript, Hackable Animal, that will be published in 2022.

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2 thoughts on “Juniper Moon on tonight’s Sunday LIVE Guest, Ian Ramsey

  1. Dominique Gazelle Mazeaud

    Dear Juniper and Writing for Peace friends,
    I cannot tell you how much I enjoy your program. When I say ‘enjoy’, the joy part comes from a place of soul-replenishment. Your choices are always extra special, among them, Ian Ramsey was la creme de la creme.
    I so look forward to exploring your web site as I would like to find the information on the letter writing project that was announced this evening.
    Again with much appreciation and inspiration,
    PS: I am a heartist (artist and activist) from Santa Fe, New Mexico


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