Ken Kakareka


White Privilege
I think it’s my time to shut the fuck up
and listen.
I did not have this realization today.
I had this realization a long time ago.
I am a white male living in America – 2020.
The Pandemic of Racism is Raging.
Today one of my Black friends said he’s been told
his whole life that he doesn’t “act black.”
I realized I was someone who’s told him this at some point.
Not exactly in that way.
But in some way, nonetheless.
I thought I was a special breed of white people.
More Enlightened, Less Ignorant.
I am not.
I am only privileged as many can see.
Not everyone can see – that is a problem.
Today I realized I have a life of learning to do
on the subject of Racism.
One of the best ways to learn is to listen.
Ironically, I am saying too much.
White people think they are entitled to.
I am part of the problem.
I think it’s time for me to shut the fuck up
and listen.

Ken Kakareka received his B.A. degree in English, concentration in Creative Writing from Saint Joseph’s University. His novel Late to Bed, Late to Rise was published with Black Rose Writing, and his short fiction and poetry have appeared in Ink & Voices, Conceit Magazine, and Spontaneous Spirits Magazine. Ken lives in Southern California with his fiancée.


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