Kristina Kryukova

Two Poems

Look up, above yourself
Look up, above yourself.
You will see bottomless, endless something,
with successions of coppery bright and dim lights,
where untroubled bears have walked around
since time immemorial,
where demigods wash their winged horses
in a milky river.
The absolute and chimeras intertwine in that mystical country.
And since the beginning of time,
everything’s marked by the divine touch.
And it’s not terrifying to vanish,
so I am quietly, silently burning
like wistful Pollux burns out in a head of Gemini.
It’s already midnight, late in September.
Harvesting the cold, misty aether,
I whisper just a few words,
Oh, Creator, you are unmatched!
How can I possibly fathom your mysterious, astonishing world?


Посмотри над собой

Посмотри над собой,
Ты увидишь бездонное, вечное нечто,
С вереницами меди из ярких и тусклых огней,
Где медведи веками пасутся беспечно,
А у млечной реки полубоги купают крылатых коней.
Абсолют и химера
Сакрально сплелись в том мистическом крае,
И божественной мерой отмечено все: от начала времён до конца.
Мне не страшно исчезнуть,
Я тихо, безмолвно сгораю,
Как сгорает печальный Поллукс в голове Близнеца.
Вот уж полночь, конец сентября. Урожаем
собираю я звёздный, холодный, туманный эфир.
И шепчу лишь одно:
– О, Создатель, ты неподражаем!!!
Как постичь твой великий, таинственный, сказочный мир!?

The voice
Thumps of rebellious blood
wander in the downstream of my veins.
My tender voice pulses
in my wrists.
It was not born on my lips;
It’s entirely under my skin,
while any sound I utter
is rough and brief.
All that lives in me boils,
flows like lava –
down and out through the fingers
of my tired right hand.
And look, my soul is clean,
And a blade of graphite has pierced
the heart of the white page.


(Poems translated from Russian by Sergey Gerasimov. “Look Up, Above yourself” included in original Russian.)


Kristina Kryukova is an author from Russia. She lives in Moscow. Her most recent poems have appeared Salmon Creek Journal, Poets Choice. She graduated from the Moscow University of Culture and Arts. Winner of several national and international poetry awards, she is mother of two kids.

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