Laura Matthias Bendoly

Feather Rest

This image, “Feather Rest,” shows a swan asleep at the Columbus Zoo. It was tightly wrapped up in its plumage – but then woke, and stretched, as we all do, ready to tend to its family and its duty as a mate. So elegant, so refined, such perfection and energy and freedom all compacted into the frame of my lens. The opulent white along the curve of the feather filaments, they layer life and seasons and cycles all atop one another. And yet, within a few years, this swan will die, passing on that astonishing perfection to another generation of birds. What freedom, what peace, what amazing universality. May we each gain strength of purpose in the utter non-self-absorption of the swan asleep, the peace of we breathless mortals looking on.

~Laura Matthias Bendoly




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