Michael Simms Joins Sunday LIVE, DoveTales Extended, and Other W4P News

Michael Simms Joins Sunday LIVE with Juniper Moon

Join us this Sunday at 8pm ET to welcome Michael Simms to our Sunday LIVE program with host Juniper Moon.

Michael Simms, Writer and Editor

Michael Simms has been active in politics and poetry for over 40 years as a writer, teacher, editor, and community activist. He is the founder of Autumn House Press, a nonprofit publisher of books of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction and the founder of Vox Populi, an online gazette for poetry, politics and nature. He’s also the author of four collections of poetry and a college textbook about poetry — and the lead editor of over 100 published books. Simms has won a number of awards and fellowships, including a Certificate of Recognition in 2011 from the Pennsylvania State Legislature for his contribution to the arts. Simms has an MFA from the University of Iowa and a Certificate in Plant-based Nutrition from Cornell University. Simms is a childhood sexual abuse survivor, a person with autism who did not learn to speak until he was five years old, and a recovering alcoholic and drug addict with 35 years of sobriety. He lives with his wife Eva, a psychologist, in the historic Mount Washington neighborhood overlooking the city of Pittsburgh. Simms’ most recent collection of poems is American Ash.

Join Sunday LIVE Reading Zoom Meeting at:

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Spring DoveTales Update: Letters from the Self to the World

Guest Editor Adriana Paramo

Our international literary journal, DoveTales, has always been a repository for wisdom and expressions of joy, sorrow, frustration and outrage. It is a place where writers and artists can express themselves freely, raising awareness of our common humanity and the many aspects of life on this globe that we celebrate, honor, or work together to change. The work we see coming in for our latest journal, Letters from the Self to the World (guest edited by Adriana Paramo) continue this tradition beautifully.

Editor-in-Chief Robert Kostuck

In the midst of the pandemic and the resurgence of white supremacy, we honor the transitions that unity made possible. We’re grateful for this change in direction, acknowledging the distance we still have to go. There is much work to do to achieve a more just, peaceful, and democratic world.

With all this in mind, our Editor-in-Chief, Robert Kostuck, has made the decision to leave our reading open a bit longer, extending our deadlines to April 1st and postponing publication of DoveTales to May 15th.

Amid the devastation of lives lost and the hope for better things, now is the time to write your letter to the world. We look forward to reading it.

Read the full Guidelines here.

Young Writers Contest Extended

We invite young writers (ages 13-19) to take the Writing for Peace challenge to develop empathy through creative writing. Our deadline has been extended to April 1st. Winners will be published in our international journal, DoveTales, and the Grand Prize Winner will win $200. Check out the guidelines here.

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