Nightmares & Dreams, by Wrixon & Mukherjee

Nightmares and DreamsThe Recurring Storm

Dawn erupts with a screaming deluge
As merciless terror rains down from above
In the distance the long guns thunder, again
And the bloody horizon flashes brightly
With the lightning spit from their muzzles
The bombardment is like an angry earthquake
And in its long rumbling aftermath
Bullets tear across the erupted land
Like sleet driven by a cruel killing wind
He awakes in terror, drenching wet
Seeking shelter from the raging storm
Slowly realizing it is another nightmare
His war has long been over
Yet he still fights it nightly
In the comfort of his bed at home
Where soft dreams come no more

Rollie Mukherjee, Nightmares and DreamsAn Army of Madness

The dune marches relentlessly south
A windswept golden wave of sand
The creeping glacier calves an iceberg
Into the frigid waters of a northern fiord
The spring runoff flows fast and turgid
And the canyon deepens and widens
Raging fire leaps from crown to crown
And the forest readies for regeneration
Lava sputters into the waiting sea
An island grows as the tempest cools

The world forms, unforms, reforms
Changing constantly, building anew
But only man refuses to change
Sitting in his stupor like a great frozen rock
Waging war with his brothers and sisters
In the name if ignorance and intolerance
Hell-bent on his own self-destruction
And the ruination of the changing world

Rollie Mukherjee, Nightmares and DreamsTilting at Windmills

How Quixotic to joust with idiots
To suffer fools madly, gladly, sadly
And to keep coming back for more
O when will the peace lovers learn
There are those who love to fight
To bear arms, make war, and kill
We are tilting at windmills to think
That they will ever disarm themselves
For enemies are mere business rivals
There is money to be made from war
Their fat wallets are not yet stuffed full
If only there were a way, some plan
To put them all in one place, fenced
To let them happily kill one another
And to allow the soldiers to go home

Rollie Mukherjee, Nightmares and Dreams

About the Author

Brian Wrixon, Writing for Peace AdvisorBrian Wrixon is a retired business executive who, after serving over 40 years in the financial services industry, now devotes his time to creative endeavors. In addition to writing and publishing his own poetry and prose works, he has been instrumental in assisting hundreds of young and emerging authors from around the world get published, either personally or as contributors to group anthologies. Learn more about Brian and his work here.

About the Artist

Rollie Mukherjee, Artist, Nightmares and DreamsRollie Mukherjee is an independent art critic and artist based in Baroda, India. She has written numerous catalogs, interviews and reviews on art and artists. She devotes her time for the most part to painting and poetry and has participated in a number of group and curated shows, as well as solo shows of her work. Her paintings can be found in collections in India and abroad. Her dissertation for her master’s degree was “Allegory – A Strategic Device”. Her blog can be found at

Excerpts from Nightmares & Dreams are reprinted for Writing for Peace by permission. This beautiful collection is offered in both hard copy and Ebook and is available for purchase online here.

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1 thought on “Nightmares & Dreams, by Wrixon & Mukherjee

  1. Sophie Boswell

    What a wonderful world you’ve created here Brian where poems from everywhere come to you and are treated with respect and are published.
    I loved reading your poetry about war – such a futile endeavour to benefit the already powerful.
    May your work continue for decades…


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