Peace Journalism Class

Peace Journalism: Writing Stories for News Media in Transition

A Free Writing for Peace Class with Instructor Elissa Tivona, Ph.D.

This class introduces writers to the global reform movement known as Peace Journalism, that includes reporters, editors, academics, students and activists, who offer a compelling new model to transform news media. The growing ranks of peace journalists share a belief that the words we write and the images we feature in the news media shape perceptions of reality. As a result, we challenge the outdated notion that “if it bleeds, it leads.” We understand that the media’s preoccupation with sensationalism, conflict and violence creates a dangerous echo chamber of further sensationalism, conflict and violence. We offer an alternative: “if it heals, it reveals.”

Innovative stories from a peace journalism perspective create opportunities for society at large, and for young people in particular,  to consider and value non-violent responses to conflict.  As traditional media outlets shrink and digital outlets expand, these innovative narratives are finding enthusiastic audiences, especially among young audience. Learn how you can become part of one of the most important and dynamic conversations going on in the field of professional journalism today.  This is an important way to have your voice heard and for you to learn about the positive work unfolding on the ground all over the world.


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