Rayla Noel


SHALOM (Peace)

Oil Painting on 36″x24″ Canvas

Shalom, meaning PeaceNothing missing, nothing brokenfor breakage and loss are the currents, the ravines, the tides that move it. Peace is Movement, non passive. It resists gravity, naturally. My painting portrays Humanity as Grain of a harvest, among the weeds and taresthe things that can choke us. The woman represents Earth. The three dimensions of the dove wings symbolize earth, air, and sea. This bird portrays freedom for the way it refuses to illustrate anything else. “Shalom (Peace) was painted in 2019, inspired by a few fabulously stubborn survivors I know, in particular our blind and challenged son.

Rayla Noel is a Broadcaster turned Freelance Writer, Artist. Her series of painting and written work featured in ‘Asha- journey of Hope’ for trauma victims; ‘Waiting to Dance’ in Poetry of British Indian Diaspora, ‘Indian Village’ and ‘Girl Child’ in ‘Personality..’ Mumbai,  & her poems in Poesy India. She has written, produced 4 Musicals and an album. Currently manuscripting a book on burns/ suicide survivors, for a local Organization, Rayla’s past work in slums of Borivali lends to her viewpoint, as well as her blind son who loves Light. She lives in Bangalore, India with her husband and children. Blogs athttp://innerdialects.home.blog 

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