Robin Talbert

One poem

Golden Voices

On the day before Thanksgiving
The children dash out of the school bus
Tumbling onto the playground
Two tall apartment buildings

Warm sun a surprise
Azure sky
Shouting laughing squealing
Voices ring
Arms exuberant
Feet crunch leaves

Running jumping twirling
No purpose
No destination
Because they can
Because they can’t not

Until a parent a sitter a sibling
Calls them inside for
Frijoles and


Robin TalbertRobin Talbert grew up in North Carolina in the foothills of Appalachia. She has been an attorney for low income people, an advocate for older persons, and a consultant for nonprofits. She is on the board of HelpAge International, a global network. Her poetry has been published in Passager, Stoneboat, Healing Muse, and elsewhere. This poem was inspired by the painting  “Azure Sky” by Sabiha Iqbal.


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