Spotlight on Solutions

Theme (First trimester): Racial and Social Justice

Working Title: Spotlight on Solutions, in (Your Town here)

Writer:  Submit your PITCH to editor E. J. Tivona (See contact information below.)

Word Count: Not to exceed 450 words

Deadline: September 1, 2016


Assignment Details


Find an organization or individual in your community making a difference on an issue related to Racial and Social Justice. Interpret this theme as creatively and broadly as possible.  Write an article detailing the intention, scope and impact of the initiative. Describe the work that is being done and why it is significant. Who are key people involved in this effort and what impact is their work having on the community and beyond? How can the work be adapted or scaled for other communities? Look for and use a lead that will hook readers and impel them to read further.


Interview an individual (or several) from your region who plays an instrumental role as a volunteer, a student or a working professional in this Racial and Social Justice initiative. How did they get involved and what is the nature of their work? Why is this work important to them and to the community? What is the most important message this individual wants the Peace Correspondent audience to take away from reading the article?


Refer to websites or Facebook pages to get background information and to fill in details.  However, don’t rely exclusively on the Internet. We’re seeking personal stories that demonstrate the experiences of ordinary people who have decided to wrestle with complex issues in extraordinary and innovative ways.

Visuals: Secure permission to use visuals off Facebook, the website or other sources


Please contact me with any questions or concerns: