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Gardens In The Desert, William O’Daly Joins Sunday Live

Carmel Mawle, W4P President

November, in the U.S., is traditionally the month of gratitude. Good news has been little and far between for the last few years and it is a strange dichotomy between the suffering and sadness of separation and loss during this pandemic, and the new hope on the horizon. Science, despite all news to the contrary, seems to be winning out in the end. The assault on our First Amendment Rights has bruised but not broken us. The incoming administration is not perfect, but it does seem to be focused on the environment and correcting the unthinkable injustices endured by families seeking refuge, citizens battered and killed by the police hired to protect us all, the for-profit prison system, and a healthcare system designed to profit off the suffering and vulnerability of citizens at their mercy. The list goes on and on,  but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We hope children who have been detained for months or longer will be reunited with their families soon. New immunizations seem promising and, if not this holiday season, we also hope to be able to come together again soon. For now, we have Zoom, which has been a blessing to our international organization, bringing members together virtually to learn and grow and be inspired through our Sunday Live Readings, Hosted by Brad Wetzler.

At Writing for Peace, we truly have much to be grateful for. Last week, I shared with you the wonderful news about Robert Kostuck accepting the position of Editor-in-Chief of DoveTales. He’s already hard at work on our next DoveTales, but I know he’ll want to tell you about that himself soon. I am finishing up the last details of publishing our print copy of GARDENS IN THE DESERT: CULTIVATING AWARENESS, Winter Edition 2020, Issue II. Robert Kostuck was the Guest Editor for this beautiful book, and the amazing E. Ethelbert Miller was our featured writer. The print copy will be available for ordering on December 1st, in plenty of time for your holiday shopping.

In the meantime, be sure to order your copy of RESISTANCE, Guest Edited by Brad Wetzler, with featured Writer Martín Espada. It’s a powerful expression of our First Amendment Rights. It always  makes me so happy to send our DoveTales all over the world, but I have to say one of the highlights for me this year was mailing copies of RESISTANCE to Russia. It does my heart good to know there are Writers for Peace in every nook and cranny on our beautiful planet.

Read on to learn about William O’Daly, Host Brad Wetzler’s guest this weekend on Sunday LIVE. I hope you can join us!

Stay safe and well, and keep on writing!

William O’Daly Joins Sunday Live

This Sunday, November 22 at 8:00 pm ET, Join Host Brad Wetzler when he welcomes poet, essayist and translator William O’Daly to our weekly Sunday Live Reading.

William O’Daly has translated eight books of the late-career and posthumous poetry of Chilean Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda, and most recently Neruda’s first volume, Book of Twilight, a finalist for the 2018 Northern California Book Award in Translation. All nine Neruda translations are published by Copper Canyon Press. O’Daly’s books of poems include The Whale in the Web, also published by Copper Canyon, as well as The Road to Isla Negra (2015), Water Ways (2017, a collaboration with JS Graustein), and Yarrow and Smoke (2018), the latter three published by Folded Word Press. A National Endowment for the Arts Fellow, O’Daly was a finalist for the 2006 Quill Award in Poetry. A four-time Pushcart Prize nominee, his poems, translations, essays, and reviews have been published in numerous journals and as part of multimedia exhibits and performances. He has received national and regional honors for literary editing and instructional design and has served on the national board of Poets Against War. Currently, he is Lead Writer for the California Water Plan, the Golden State’s strategic plan for sustainably managing water resources. Visit his website for further information and sample poems, essays, and interviews.

Join Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82898977722

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Exciting News: Things Are Looking Up!

First, I want to say thank you, dear Writers for Peace. On Saturday, the continual state of shock and outrage of the last four years was replaced with hope. I’m grateful to everyone of you who marched and spoke out against countless horrors and injustices. Though you may have despaired, you never gave up on the democratic process. And, though we know full well that there is still work to be done, we can finally breathe a sigh of relief.  For us, at Writing for Peace, this is an opportunity to take stock of what we’ve accomplished in over nine years of literary activism. Together, we’ve grown tremendously.

I’m very excited to tell you about our latest good news. Adviser Robert Kostuck has agreed to take the position of DoveTales Editor-in-Chief. Many of you know Robert from his role as Guest Editor for our February DoveTales, Gardens in the Desert: Cultivating Awareness (available in print on December 1st). Robert also served as Chief Associate Editor for our Resistance DoveTales. He is an excellent editor, and it’s been a pleasure working with him on these books.

As a long-time member of our Panel of Advisers, Robert Kostuck believes strongly in our mission. In his words, “I feel driven to participate more fully with WFP and to embody and act upon the words of the mission statement: ‘Through education and creative writing, Writing for Peace seeks to cultivate the empathy that allows minds to open to new cultural views, to value the differences as well as the hopes and dreams that unite all of humanity, to develop a spirit of leadership and peaceful activism.’ I’ve come to realize that convictions must be put into practice, otherwise they are not convictions, but merely wishful thinking.”

Stay tuned for more good news in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, don’t miss this Sunday’s Live Reading when Robert Wrigley joins host Brad Wetzler. Be sure to invite your friends and family to join us for this special night, Sunday, November 15th, at 8pm ET.

Robert Wrigley’s most recent book is Box (Penguin, 2017).  A collection of essays, mostly on poetry, Nemerov’s Door, will be published next spring by Tupelo Press.  Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of Idaho, he lives in the woods of northern Idaho, with his wife, the writer Kim Barnes.

Stay safe and keep on writing,

Carmel Mawle
President and Founder,
Writing for Peace

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Live Reading Moves to Sundays with Brad Wetzler

Beginning, Sunday, October 18th, the Writing for Peace Live Reading Series (held previously every other Friday) moves to every Sunday at 8pm ET with host Brad Wetzler.  Author, journalist, and teacher Brad Wetzler has served as Guest Editor of the Resistance edition of DoveTales and as co-host of our Friday Live Readings. His vision takes our reading series to exciting new heights.

Says Brad, “My hope is to continue the Writing for Peace tradition of having strong representation by black writers, people of color, LGTBQ+, international writers, etc. Since we are living in challenging times both politically and personally, I hope to devote time to the issues of artists’ responsibilities to use their voices, as well as issues around writing process, and, of course, matters of using our art and voices to promote inner and world peace. I also hope to occasionally invite important voices from the spiritual community to discuss how we maintain inner peace and serve our fellow humans.”

His first show, on Sunday, October 18th, will feature author BK Loren to read both new and familiar work and discuss her views on a writer’s social responsibility and the path of the writer during difficult times. BK Loren is the author of Theft: A Novel and Animal, Mineral, Radical: Essays on Wildlife, Family, and Food.

Meeting ID: 828 9897 7722

On Sunday, October 25th, author David Gilbreath Barton will join us to read from his new book Havel: Unfinished Revolution, a biography of Vaclav Havel, Czech statesman, writer, and former political dissident, who served as the last President of Czechoslovakia from 1989 until the dissolution of Czechoslovakia in 1992 and then as the first President of the Czech Republic from 1993 to 2003. David Gilbreath Barton is a Jungian psychotherapist, with 25 years of experience in working with dreams, myths, and the collective unconscious. He’s an Associate Professor of Humanities at Northern New Mexico College and the founder of The Salt Journal and the Salt Institute.

Meeting ID: 828 9897 7722

So, beginning October 18th, be sure to set aside an hour in your Sunday evenings to be enlightened and inspired with Brad Wetzler and his guests.

If you missed any of our readers, you can watch them in full here.

An Important Message from W4P President, Carmel Mawle

I would never presume to tell you how to vote. That said, November is sneaking up on us (like a Mack Truck), so this is a friendly reminder to make a plan now to get your votes in as early as possible. As writers, ink on a page is the beginning of endless possibilities. The same may be true of inking in the little blank boxes on your ballots. If you need help getting to the polls or mailing your ballots, there is help available. If you go to the polls in person, wear your masks and stay safe. Whatever happens after this election, we will still need your voice. Thanks for all you do.

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Official DoveTales “Resistance” Launch Date

DoveTales Summer 2020 Issue: Resistance

Martín Espada (photo by David González)

The Summer Issue of DoveTales, An International Online Journal of the Arts will be published on August 1st, 2020. Our guest editor, Brad Wetzler, has themed this issue “Resistance.”

Resistance includes powerful work from writers all over the globe, including Anya Trofimova’s Grand Prize winning poem, “Observations Inspired by Rising Sea Levels,” and work by all our Young Writers Contest Winners.

Our featured writer for this issue of DoveTales is poet Martín Espada. Resistance includes an exclusive interview and new work from his upcoming book, Floaters. Espada will join us in our Friday Live Reading Series on July 24th at 8pm ET.

Brad Wetzler, Guest Editor

About his theme, Guest Editor Brad Wetzler says:

“History’s greatest peacemakers, such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela, have taught us that peace is never passive. Sometimes those of us who love peace must do more than be living examples of peace. We must act, do, rise up, bang the gong, take to the streets. It’s obvious that now is one of these times. By any peaceful means necessary, we must resist the backdoor decisions and cruel acts of power-mongering politicians and corporate leaders who would create suffering for the world’s citizens, especially the vulnerable and powerless. We must use our voices and vast numbers to stop the madness and bring attention back to the one thing we all share in common: our humanity.”

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Se Eun Pak’s “A Bloody Battle” Nonfiction Finalist and Other W4P News

Read 2020 Young Writers Contest Finalists Pieces In Our July Blog

Congratulations to Se Eun Pak, whose essay “A Bloody Battle” came in as one of two 2020 Young Writers Contest Nonfiction Finalists. Se Eun Pak is in grade 10 at Yongsan International School of Seoul in South Korea. Read her essay in full here.

Friday Live Reading Series

 (photo by David González)

Our last Friday Live Reading, on July 24th, featured Martín Espada who read from his forthcoming book, Floaters, published by W.W. Norton.  Martín Espada is our Featured Writer for the Resistance Edition of DoveTales, An International Journal of the Arts, which launches on August 1st. If you missed his reading, you can watch it here.

Our next Friday Live Reading features Peter Balakian. On Friday, August 7th, at 8pm ET, Pulitzer Prize winner Peter Balakian will read from his work and discuss poetry of witness.

Learn more about Peter Balakian and his work here.

Resistance, Our Summer DoveTales Goes Live August 1st

Brad Wetzler, Guest Editor

As systemic racism and police brutality threaten Black Lives, as nationalism and authoritarianism runs rampant, as the U.S. Homeland Security and Border Patrols turn against American Citizens and detained immigrants, asylum seekers and prisoners of all ages face the Covid-19 virus behind bars, as we are forced to battle disinformation and government apathy during a world pandemic, Resistance is what writers for peace do. Mark August 1st on your calendars to immerse yourself in the powerful work of writers, artists and photographers who remind us that we are all in this together.

As Guest Editor, Brad Wetzler says,

History’s greatest peacemakers, such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela, have taught us that peace is never passive. Sometimes those of us who love peace must do more than be living examples of peace. We must act, do, rise up, bang the gong, take to the streets. It’s obvious that now is one of these times. By any peaceful means necessary, we must resist the backdoor decisions and cruel acts of power-mongering politicians and corporate leaders who would create suffering for the world’s citizens, especially the vulnerable and powerless. We must use our voices and vast numbers to stop the madness and bring attention back to the one thing we all share in common: our humanity.

Keep writing, keep resisting. Stay safe and well.

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RESISTANCE: Brad Wetzler on Guest Editing Our 2020 Summer DoveTales

I’m honored to have been chosen to edit the summer edition of DoveTales, which will be published on August 1st.  While serving on the board for the past two years,  I’ve  seen Writing for Peace  grow into a mighty force for peace on this precious planet.  Not only does the organization publish important new and established voices dedicated to creating a more peaceful world, but, through our youth writing programs, we plant the seeds for the next generation of writers who will be forced to face new and more complex world issues.

As a theme for the volume,  I’ve selected  “Resistance.”  Why? Because, well, it’s time.  History’s greatest peacemakers, such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela, have taught us that peace is never passive. Sometimes those of us who love peace must do more than be living examples of peace. We must act, do, rise up, bang the gong, take to the streets. It’s obvious that now is one of these times. By any peaceful means necessary, we must resist the backdoor decisions and cruel acts of power-mongering politicians and corporate leaders who would create suffering for the world’s citizens, especially the vulnerable and powerless. We must use our voices and vast numbers to stop the madness and bring attention back to the one thing we all share in common: our humanity.

I’m looking forward to seeing the different ways our contributors interpret “Resistance.” I know we will publish thoughtful essays, articles, fiction and poetry, as well as art and photography that illuminates the path forward for us warriors of peace.  I can’t think of a more timely topic or a more important project to be part of.

Submit your work for our summer edition of DoveTales, Resistance, here.

A former senior editor and contributing editor at Outside magazine, Brad Wetzler is an author, journalist, and editor with twenty-plus years’ experience at the highest levels of publishing. His book, Real Mosquitoes Don’t Eat Meat, was published by W.W. Norton’s Countryman Press. He has written hundreds of articles and essays for top publications including The New York Times Magazine and The New York Times Book Review, Newsweek, GQ, Wired, National Geographic, Yoga Journal, Men’s Journal, George, and Outside.. His writing has been anthologized in the Best American Travel Writing series, Outside 25: The Best of Outside Magazine’s First 25 Years, and Traveler’s Tales. He penned Outside’s popular monthly Wildfile column and Universal Press Syndicate’s Adventuring column. He taught nonfiction writing as an associate professor of English at The College of Santa Fe and as a faculty member of The Book Project at Denver’s Lighthouse Writers Workshop. He’s given keynote addresses about writing at the University of Colorado Boulder, New Mexico State University, and other venues. He is the founder and lead book-writing coach at Memoir Academy and Nonfiction Academy. A certified yoga instructor, he teaches vinyasa yoga at Corepower Yoga in Boulder, Colorado. Brad holds a masters’ degree in journalism (magazine writing and publishing) from Northwestern University.

In other W4P News

2020 Youth Summit:

With schools moving online in response to the Covid-19 health emergency, many of our professors who are working very hard to prepare their classes and students for these crisis changes. As a result, the 2020 Youth Summit has been postponed until further notice.

Help Wanted:

Writing for Peace is looking for grant writers with experience in grant writing for literary and youth nonprofits. Contact us at mawlecarmel@gmail.com with “W4P Grant Writing” in the subject heading.


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E. Ethelbert Miller Joins W4P, and Other Exciting News

E. Ethelbert Miller Joins Writing for Peace

“Peace is linked to harmony, our relationship between people as well as with nature. Peace might be linked to calm and stillness but it is also fluid. It is always something we should be moving towards. Peace is also the measurement of the heart and the capacity to love. Our desire but failure to find the ‘strength to love’ is often why peace is so difficult to maintain.”

~E. Ethelbert Miller, Writer, Literary Activist, Writing for Peace Adviser

Writing for Peace welcomes E. Ethelbert Miller to our Panel of Advisers. Mr. Miller is the Featured Writer in our current DoveTales Online, and brings a wealth of experience to our panel through a lifetime of literary activism.

E. Ethelbert Miller is a writer and literary activist. He is the author of two memoirs and several books of poetry including The Collected Poems of E. Ethelbert Miller, a comprehensive collection that represents over 40 years of his work. For 17 years Miller served as the editor of Poet Lore, the oldest poetry magazine published in the United States. His poetry has been translated into nearly a dozen languages. Miller is a two-time Fulbright Senior Specialist Program Fellow to Israel. He holds an honorary degree of Doctor of Literature from Emory and Henry College and has taught at several universities.

Miller is host of the weekly WPFW morning radio show On the Margin with E. Ethelbert Miller and host and producer of The Scholars on UDC-TV. In recent years, Miller has been inducted into the 2015 Washington DC Hall of Fame and awarded the 2016 AWP George Garrett Award for Outstanding Community Service in Literature and the 2016 DCMayor’s Arts Award for Distinguished Honor. In 2018, he was inducted into Gamma Xi Phi and appointed as an ambassador for the Authors Guild. Miller’s most recent book If God Invented Baseball, published by City Point Press, was awarded the 2019 Literary Award for poetry by the Black Caucus of the American Library Association.

In W4P other news~

Looking Ahead to Summer 2020 DoveTales

Brad Wetzler has agreed to be our Guest Editor for the Summer edition of DoveTales Online, published on August 1st. A former senior editor at Outside magazine, Brad Wetzler is a writer, journalist, and editor best known for his magazine feature stories and essays. His work has appeared in respected publications such as The New York Times Magazine, Newsweek, Wired, GQ, Men’s Journal, Best American Travel Writing, and Outside, where he is a current contributing editor. Stay tuned for more details!

Exciting Writing for Peace Book News

Congratulations to Writing for Peace Advisers Veronica Golos, Djelloul Marbrook, Wang Ping and Patricia Jabbeh Wesley on the publication of their latest books! These wonderful advisers continue to challenge and inspire us through their work. Watch here for coming reviews and please support their work by purchasing their books and/or asking your local librarians to make them available to their patrons.

Adviser Veronica Golos, Girl

“Once, several years ago, on the mesa between Tetilla peak and the Santa Fe River gorge, I saw what I believe to this day was a wolf running. I believed at the time the creature was male. Now I am certain there was a girl inside. This new conclusion because I have finished reading (and studying) Veronica Golos’s wonder, entitled GIRL from Andrea Watson’s 3: A Taos Press. No other poet inhabits persona as completely as does Veronica. GIRL is a masterpiece of shifting formal and free space and time. This is the creation of a master linguistic geographer. The space of the narrative defies topology. Time becomes rhythm becomes JAZZ. The music morphs from species to species. The lyric becomes prayer, becomes rant, becomes an evolutionary triptych. Every gender on the planet should go buy this book and read it, to each other, to their lovers, to their daughters, to their sons, to their parents, to their husbands, to their wives, to their friends, to their confessors, to their shamans, There are truths inside. “INSIDE EVERY WOLF IS A GIRL.”  ~Gary Worth Moody

Adviser Djelloul Marbrook: Lying Like Presidents, New & Selected Poems, 2001-2019

Governments are prone to becoming sinkholes of lies. Sometimes whole societies are swallowed by them. “Lying Like Presidents,” the title poem of prize-winning poet  Djelloul Marbrook’s new and collected poems, is a meditation in cantos on this horrific history. The work explores how our minds rewrite and invent memories to light our footsteps towards the kind of persons we aspire to be. The lies we tell ourselves, the poet says, can transfigure our lives—or the opposite.

Here is an opportunity to savor the breadth and depth of this surprising poet in one volume. No library should be without Lying Like Presidents.


Adviser Wang Ping, My Name is Immigrant

“Bleeding dreams and hungry ghosts move about Wang Ping’s latest collection, building up deposits of rage, shame and sometimes mercy. Her truth telling emerges from a deep well, describing the movement of people and the stories, the hope, and the desire they carry with them across deserts and oceans, over walls and through every barrier. The age-old question remains, with sharp clarity in these pages⁠—who among us decides who is allowed in, accepted, celebrated?” ~M.L. Smoker, Montana Co-Poet Laureate

Adviser Patricia Jabbeh Wesley, Praise Song for My Children, New and Selected Poems

“Patricia Jabbeh Wesley is unequivocal about the uses of poetry, of her poetry—she is determined to trade in truth, in the power of experience, in the beauty of language to alarm and delight and in the challenge she willingly bears to be an instrument of witness and articulation for her people—for Africa, for women, for the lovers of poetry. In Praise Song for My Children, we encounter a poet at the height of her skills and at the height of her clarity about the world and what things must be spoken into it. But we are blessed to be given an insight into how she arrives at this place of power—it is a remarkable selection of some of the most urgent poems to emerge out of the wars of Liberia. Here is work of incredible joy, deepest lamentation, and necessary hope. It is a sure testament.” ~ Kwame Dawes

Dear readers and writers for peace, we encourage you to purchase all your books from Poetic Justice Books, a like-minded business that donates a portion of their proceeds to Writing for Peace. Thank you for supporting an Independent Book Seller and Writing for Peace, a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Writing for Peace Employment Opportunity

Writing for Peace is looking for grant writers who have experience working with literary and youth organizations. For more information, please contact us at mawlecarmel@gmail.com with the subject heading W4P Grant Writing.

Keep the faith, keep speaking out, and keep writing for peace!

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2017 Young Writers Contest Now Open!

2017 Panel of Judges

2017 Judges

Our 6th annual Young Writers Contest is now officially open! We’re excited to introduce our 2017 Panel of Judges: Chip Livingston, Poetry; Nick Arvin, Fiction, and Brad Wetzler, Nonfiction. We’re grateful to these accomplished writers for extending their expertise on behalf of our young writers. Learn more about their work here.

Writing for Peace challenges young writers (ages 13-19) to expand their empathy skills by researching an unfamiliar culture and writing from the point-of-view of a character within that new world, while exploring social, political, and environmental pressures, and universal themes. The deadline for entrance is March 1st, 2017. There is no fee for participation. Read the full guidelines here.

For more information, or to learn how your school can receive a free copy of DoveTales, an International Journal of the Arts, contact us at editor@writingforpeace.org.

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