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Weary of a Violent Vocabulary, by Andrea W. Doray

This spring, Writing for Peace looks at gun violence, as well as violence against women and other issues of women’s equality. Weary of a Violent Vocabulary by Andrea W. Doray  The other day, the building where I was working was … Continue reading

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Exit Wound, by Melissa Hassard

Exit Wound by Melissa Hassard exit wound: Forensic pathology:  The “goodbye” lesion that a bullet or other projectile causes when leaving the body;  EWs are often larger than the entrance wound, due to tumbling and deformation of the bullet. From The … Continue reading

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A Stranger in Trouble (Part II), by Vicki Lindner

A Stranger in Trouble (Part Two) by Vicki Lindner March 18 Endless visitors last night. First came Farayela, the night mama, my favorite. Her face is warm, and she has a talent for a graceful sympathy, different from pity. She … Continue reading

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Opportunity, and Public Encouragement, by Richard Krawiec

by Richard Krawiec Writing for Peace Adviser A teenaged boy recently told me that shooting an assault weapon in someone’s home shooting range was great fun.  “It was just fun, shooting it.  And it was such a thrill knowing you … Continue reading

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