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Jigsaw, by David Scott Pointer

Marine Corps coffins ride the ancestral iron horses of Captain Lincoln’s fabled line

Army caskets are tended by the spirits of Ernest Hemingway and Great Uncle Walt Whitman

Navy submersible boxes sometimes request sea burial slowly floating into the divine deep blue

Air Force urn ashes escort eternal winds into a nomadic spirit world cemetery

Coast Guardians keep to themselves about internment or ashes, but actor Buddy Ebsen served and that’s enough Uncle Jed Clampett type goodwill to set the breeze free

Civilian causality mass graves to vast to easily identify or ride out burning on a single squadron of spiritual Thunderbirds do haunt most service folks in the smoky-know

Conscientious objectors like William Stafford sometimes resist, refuse, fight-hard or roam-off through the cross-fire to ponder all the craters, issues or casualties on all sides

Enemy combatants do what they are ordered or asked to do until superior training within a superior force stand atop the finality reading the final sermon

Energy wars somehow drink at the fibers of freedom’s tattered war flag hiding fossil fuel requirements from the enlistee’s collective mother-guard while tipping the dusty top hats to abandoned steam and electrical field research

Banker’s expensive cash suitcases start to over-bloat aboard their elite airbus shuttle like the corpses who built all of this empire

Politicians hope for increased access inside the billionaire’s white administration building with secret symbolic revolution built into each 4 year election cycle facade

David Scott Pointer, Writing for Peace AdvisorAbout WfP Adviser, David Scott Pointer

David Scott Pointer is a long time social justice/political poet. His father, a piano playing bank robber, died when David was just 3 years old, leaving him to be raised by his grandmother, who determined that the best way to keep her young charge from emulating his “scoundrel” father was to socialize him to be a good soldier.  David’s earliest memories are of training for battle in his backyard in Kansas City, Missouri. Learn more about David and his work here.


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