Thunder Over Warsaw, by Adler Schultz


Thunder Over Warsaw
“David,” my mother cries with tears of glittering white,
“Take your sister and run.”
“Don’t look back until you’re done,”
My father sobs and says, “Son go find the light.”
Find the light he said, as thunder rumbled past.
I heard screams of men and women,
A dark prophetic omen,
I knew that they wouldn’t be the last.
The last I thought, that’s us right now,
But we aren’t alone in our fight.
The god of Israel gives us might,
We must flee to Moscow.
To Moscow, the Reich can’t follow,
A cold, cruel, dark land
Ruled by Stalin’s gruesome hand,
I hear my parents swallow.
“Run now David,” my mother begs.
“To the light,” my father pleads.
I see the houses torn like weeds,
Torn to bits by powder kegs.
We crack open the window, and flee into the road.
Mother and father don’t follow, they stand there in defeat,
I speak a Hebrew prayer, but I know that they’d been beat.
The door of our house crashes. I hear the rifles load.
I leak silent tears and try to remember them clearly.
The life that we lived together
Is now gone forever.
The parents that I miss so dearly.
The sadness turns to anger, and I begin to turn around,
But, my sister pulls my sleeve,
Her moon-like eyes remind me to leave.
Fleeing, panicking, crying with the crowd.
I remember the pierogi that we kneaded,
And the synagogue’s scent.
All of the time that we spent,
But didn’t know we needed.
We flee out of the place,
With small packs on our backs
With meager clothes, water, the Holy Book, and some snacks.
I feel the tears stain my face.
I’ve always been scared of thunder,
The roar of tremendous wrath,
A vengeful king on a warpath,
It unjustly tears asunder.
It tears asunder our senses,
Replacing with primal fear,
Giving a sense that danger is near,
Sends us running for the fences.
For the fences from the Devil’s claw,
We flee from a wicked man,
With a genocide plan,
We flee from the Thunder over Warsaw.

Adler Schults is in grade 10 at Newton North High School in Newton, Massachusetts, United States.  His poem, “Thunder over Warsaw” was a finalist in the 2020 Writing for Peace Young Writers Contest.

The 2020 Young Writing Contest Finalist pieces will be published on our blog during the month of July in recognition of their outstanding qualities. Winning pieces will be published on August 1st in the summer edition of DoveTales, Resistance, Guest Edited by Brad Wetzler.

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