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Adviser and DoveTales Editor-in-Chief

“Becoming a member of Writing for Peace will put me in closer contact with like-minded individuals who promote compassion through communication. I believe that we serve by example in our daily lives; that writing can be a record of our service and examples and go beyond the moment/s of our inspiration.

“On a personal level, I believe that when gender parity is achieved in all human cultures, we will begin to address all of our world’s ‘problems,’ i.e., starvation, disease, lack of medical care, religious-based conflicts, economic disparity, and so on. Through my writing I try to create tiny worlds where girls and women go from being victims to becoming survivors; and thereby achieve a type of parity. Creating characters who draw on their strengths and wisdom and, hopefully, inspire readers to do the same.”

~Robert Kostuck

Robert Kostuck is an M.Ed. graduate from Northern Arizona University. Recently published fiction, essays, and reviews appear or are forthcoming in The Massachusetts Review, The Southwest Review, Kenyon Review Online, Louisiana Literature, Tiferet, Alimentum, Fifth Wednesday Journal, Crab Creek Review, So To Speak, Flyway, Silk Road, Zone 3, EVENT, and Saint Ann’s Review, Roanoke Review, Concho River Review, Clackamas Literary Review, and Concho River Review. He is currently working on short stories, essays, weavings, a novel; and the primary series of Aṣṭāṅga Yoga. His short story collection is seeking a publisher. He lives near an ocean; his heart belongs to the Chihuahua and Sonora deserts.


A Review of Páramo’s My Mother’s Funeral, By Robert Kostuck

Pilgrim’s Progress, by Robert Kostuck (Part 1)

Pilgrim’s Progress, by Robert Kostuck (Part 2)

Gentle Strength, by Robert Kostuck


Forthcoming Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Reviews:

“Leaf River” in Louisiana Literature.

“Underground Musicians by Carol Coffee Reposa” in Concho River Review.

“The Goldilocks Zone by Kate Gale” in Concho River Review.

Published Fiction

“Akemi Running” in Clackamas Literary Review, Vol. XVIII, 2014.

“Strength” at Flyway: A Literary Review, online, June 1, 2014.

“The Pilgrim’s Progress” in Roanoke Review, fall, 2013, Vol 38.

“The Flames” in Tiferet: A Journal of Spiritual Literature, autumn, 2013, issue 23.

“Revelation” in EVENT, Vol. 41/3.

“Like Snow” in Louisiana Literature, Vol. 29/2.

“Expiration Date” in Silk Road, Vol. 7/2.

“Vanda” at Kenyon Review Online, August 1, 2012

“The Chinese Character for Loss” in St Ann’s Review, summer/fall, 2012.

“If I Had the Wings of a Dove” in So To Speak: A Feminist Journal of Language and Art, Vol. 20/4.

“Mí encanta Panama” in The Massachusetts Review, Vol. 52/2.

“Two Rock Mountain” in Southwest Review, Vol. 96/2.

“Fifteen Minutes” in Crab Creek Review, Vol. 23/1.

“Yes, Yes” in Event, Vol. 38/2.

“One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty Pounds of Rice” in

Alimentum: The Literature of Food, Vol. 8.

“The Onion” in Alimentum: The Literature of Food, Vol. 4.


Published Non-fiction Essays

“The Other Side of the River” in Concho River Review, spring, 2013, Vol. 27/2.

“The Birds of South America” in Zone 3. 29/2. Fall, 2013.

“Sisyphus and Atalanta” in Fifth Wednesday Journal, fall, 2013, issue 13.

“Bethesda” in So To Speak: A Feminist Journal of Language and Art, Vol. 20/1. “Saffron” in The Massachusetts Review, Vol. 51/1.

“A Brief Guide to the Flowers of the Southwest Deserts” in Flyway, Vol. 11.2-11.3-12.1.

“Immersion” in So To Speak: A Feminist Journal of Language and Art, Vol. 16/1.


Published Book Reviews, Online:

“A Map of Everything by Elizabeth Earley” at Santa Fe Writers Project. 2014.

“My Mother’s Funeral by Adriana Páramo” at Writing For Peace. 2014.

“That Paris Year by Joanna Biggar” at Amazon c/o Santa Fe Writers Project. 2014.

“The Review Mirror by David M. Harris” at Santa Fe Writers Project. 2014.


Published Book Reviews, Print:

“Dream Street Details by Linda King” in Concho River Review, Vol. 28/1, spring 2014.

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