August 4th True Stories

Writing for Peace Refugee Workshop

Finding Drama in True Stories

This class was canceled.

It will be offered at a later date to be announced.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

August 4th, Fort Collins Harmony Library


Workshop Description:

Good stories, fact or fiction, have important elements in common: characters, plot, and meaning. Some writers fear that nonfiction can’t be as dramatic as fiction, but that’s not so. Fact or fiction, strong stories grab our emotions and deepen our understanding of people and experiences beyond our own. Even when sharing facts, it takes creativity to make readers care. What are your story’s conflict, climax, and resolution? What do the characters want, what do they do to get it, what obstacles do they face, and how does the experience change them?

In Finding Drama in True Stories, young writers will listen to a refugee share her story, and then write about it. Participants will improve their skills at observing, interviewing, and note-taking. They’ll learn to draft a story, sift that draft for patterns, and edit the patterns into a meaningful blog post, article, story, or essay. Facilitators are published authors and members of Writing for Peace.

Where: Harmony Library · 4616 South Shields, Fort Collins
When: Saturday, August 4th, 2-4pm

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